In any business environment, there will be matters that threaten company profitability, employee and executive safety, or even customer satisfaction. Companies have multiple options to address these kinds of problems.

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance is a valuable tool for battling theft, fraud and injury claims. It can also be used to monitor and assess specific threat scenarios.

At SCI Services, surveillance involves eyes on the target supported by video evidence to gather incontrovertible proof. Our mobile surveillance experts excel at working on the move, enabling them to continue investigations when they take unexpected turns.

Results In Action

This bust of a Detroit copper theft ring made big news. Sting footage from SCI Services mobile surveillance, working in conjunction with DTE Energy’s security team, helped to break the case.


Sometimes the best method of resolving problems is going straight to the source and asking the tough questions. SCI Services has highly experienced investigative interviewers that use techniques that can close cases quickly and efficiently by eliciting written and signed confessions.


Technology has revolutionized the amount of information available on persons and organizations. The ability to access, analyze and interpret this information can be critical to complex investigations. SCI Services uses these skills to find answers for our clients.